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We Are Proudly Brine Free!!

Many a farmer attests that agriculture is no bed of roses. As a determined group of female beneficiaries running Warrenton Superchicks, we have succeeded in spreading our wings and making a success out of a venture heading for failure. This chicken business, Warrenton Superchicks is perched outside of our small town of Warrenton on the N12 en route to Kimberley in the Northern Cape. It is part of the Magareng Municipality which falls under the Frances Baard District Municipality.

Our entreprise which has endured many turbulent times is run by former farmworkers turned businesswomen, well acquainted with the ins and outs of the chicken business. We are indebted to the Northern Cape Provincial Government, especially the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, for having aided our vision as we never envisioned running our own business. In spreading our wings in early 2002 by exploiting the opportunity presented, we organized ourselves into a co-operative and acquired the necessary assistance and information and took soaring heights.

It should also be acknowledged that in our journey of gaining flight in running a successful venture, our wings were clipped by many a hardship. Our story is indeed one of tough times that allow you to learn and gain experience like that chick that grows into a chicken. We have acquired business skills, including identifying a market and training. Our facilities are top class, meeting the required food safety standards and requirements. We distribute to the market in a brand new cold truck and package our own products. We are confident of finding a nesting for our chickens in national and international markets.